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Image: Commerce of the Prairies, commissioned by Bryon S. Harvey for the Westport Room at Union Station in 1937. Executed by Hildreth Meiere, Lynn Fausett, and Dean Fausett.
The Westport Room closed in 1968 and the mural was moved to the post office at Union Station in 1980.

The Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City, Inc. is dedicated to the historic preservation of the unique and rich heritage of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, both in Missouri and Kansas, through advocacy, education and restoration. It also seeks to preserve and maintain archives of historical interest relating to the development of the Kansas City region and to recognize individuals who have resided therein and contributed to such development.

"The Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City is among the oldest, most enduring historical societies in Kansas City and they have unquestionably been a major force in preserving and promoting the region's history.  Without their good work to preserve sites and encourage recognition of local people and events and their efforts to secure documents and records of our community's past, much of Kansas City's rich heritage would be unknown and unknowable."

David Boutros, Retired Associate Director
The State Historical Society of Missouri