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The Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City
Community Service Committees

These projects focus on historic sites and activities that are integral to maintaining and preserving the heritage of our community. Service committee members and chairmen are appointed on a yearly basis, and these committees reflect their interests in the history of Greater Kansas City.

Community Service Committee Chairs

Daniel Morgan Boone Park
  Sharon M. Smart

Elmwood Cemetery
  Raymond Elder

Fort Osage
  Dan C. D. Sturdevant

Kansas City Fire Historic Society
  David P. Young

Liberty Memorial
  John A. Dillingham

Missouri State Historical Society-KC
  Dan C.D. Sturdevant 

  Debbie LeGrotte

Shawnee Indian Mission
  John Forbes

Speakers Bureau
  Henry Leonard

Town of Kansas Site Preservation
  Thomas E. Sims

Union Cemetery
 Kevin Fewell

Wornall House/Majors Museums
  Joe H. Vaughan

Westport Historical Society
  Thomas M Platt

Wyandotte Co. Historical Society
  Joe H. Vaughan, Jr.


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