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NSDKC Logo 200px x 137 px

200px x 200px sample size

Sample Level 4 Personal Ad for table purchase

Sample Level 4 Business Ad for table purchase

OKC Sponsorship Brochures

You may download copies of the OKC Sponsorship brochure here: 

High Resolution (4 mb)   (Best for commercial copier shops)

Low Resolution (201 kb)  (Good for emailing and printing from a home/office printer.)

OKC Sponsorship Ads

Sample ad sizes for OKC Sponsor Levels are shown on the left.

Here is my suggestion for sponsor ads to be placed on the website:

Presenting Sponsor -- 200 pixel x 200 pixel ad on ALL pages
Level 1 -- 200 pixel x 150 pixel ad on ALL pages 
Level 2 -- 200 pixel x 100 pixel ad on ALL pages
Level 3 -- 200 pixel x 200 pixel ad on OKC page only
Level 4 --  200 pixel x 100 pixel on OKC page only

We might get a number of Level 4 table sponsors, but they would all go on the OKC page only and if we had more than looked good in the left column, I could design the page to include them below the Brett article.