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Daniel Morgan Boone Cemetery and Park

Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City see the Daniel Morgan Boone Cemetery and Park Project to fruition.

Native Sons and Daughters gathered at Daniel Morgan Boone Cemetery and Park to celebrate its dedication. Credit goes to George Hicks (bottom, second from left) for seeing it from dream to reality.

After twelve years of hard work, the Native Sons and Daughters have finally seen the completion of Daniel Morgan Boone Cemetery and Park. On Friday, June 17, 2005, the Board of Parks & Recreation and the Native Sons dedicated the park at East 63rd Street and Euclid Avenue in Kansas City.

This was a special moment for one Native Son in particular. George Hicks, former president, had been working on this project since the beginning in an attempt to make one of Kansas City's historic landmarks a protected venue.

Daniel Morgan Boone Cemetery and Park is the site of the Boone-Hayes Cemetery which is the final resting place of Daniel Morgan Boone, the son of pioneer Daniel Boone and one of the Kansas City area's first settlers.

The park is a unique partnership between the Native Sons, who facilitated the transfer of the property, and the Board of Kansas City Parks & Recreation, which obtained the additional acreage. The total size of the new park is fourteen acres.