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Monument Inscription

Be a part of our Greater Kansas City History.  Add your name inscription on our Historic Monument.

Level 1 $250.00: 1" Text. Text Zone Size: 6" x 9" 2 Rows Maximum. 13 Characters per row Maximum

Level 2 $500.00: 1" Text. Text Zone Size: 12" x 18" 4 Rows Maximum. 24 Characters per row Maximum

Level 3 $1,000.00: 1 1/4" Text. Text Zone Size: 12" x 27" 5 Rows Maximum. 31 Characters per row Maximum

Level 4 $5,000.00: 1 1/2" Text. Text Zone Size: 18" x 27" 5 Rows Maximum. 25 Characters per row Maximum

Level 5 $10,000.00: 1 3/4" Text. Text Zone Size: 24" x 36" 6 Rows Maximum. 30 Characters per row Maximum

Purchase your Monument Inscription
Click Here for Monument Website Inscriptions | Phone 816-278-8929

December 2021

Online Inscription Processing

Please Do Not use the current online payment or inscription processing links at this time.  If you wish to place an order to purchase a monument inscription please contact for assistance.

Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Online Purchase

To purchase your Inscription Online, please use the button on the right.  After making your purchase you will be redirected to the page to enter the information to be inscribed on the monument pavers.