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Committee Reports

Thursday, November 07 2013

One of our most important issues for this year was to increase our membership and enroll some younger members.     

What a wonderful achievement to accomplish that and we still have three months more to continue our success.

Image: More than 60 new members attended the Presidents Reception at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in September. 
Additional pictures of this event are on our  in our photo gallery.

Thanks to the help of Membership Chair John Hess, Jr. and Secretary Carl DiCapo, we have increased our membership by 80 new members and 17 of them are under the age of 30.  Membership is the life blood of any organization and particularly ours. For us to accomplish our mission we must have strong, energetic, and enthusiastic members to preserve, protect, and restore our great historic locations in the Greater Kansas City region.

A warm welcome was given at the September 5 President’s Reception at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for our new members. Each new member present was introduced and given a brief idea of events and activities. They were challenged to be active at these events and to find a committee they are interested in working with.

Included in this newsletter is a list of all the new members that have joined during 2013. Special thanks go to each of the sponsors of these wonderful new members. Please help me continue to welcome our new members and encourage them to be active in our extraordinary organization.

Chuck Eddy, president, NSDKC

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