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Committee Reports

Thursday, November 07 2013

This year has marked a time of major changes in most aspects of the communications programs within NSDKC.  These changes involve our quarterly newsletter and routine email announcements, the management of the member database, and the public relations efforts promoting the Outstanding Kansas Citian event.

For the most part, each of these programs moved away from a dependence on printed material and distribution by postal mail to online programs centered on a redesigned website and an email management program. The good news is that printing and postage costs have been greatly reduced.

Stay informed by visiting and watching your email for our special announcements.

For 2013, we have also moved away from being outsourced to paid contract labor to being managed by volunteers from the membership.
Website -- The website has been redesigned and moved to a web-based management system that allows assigned members to access the site and update it from any computer.  The resources haven't yet been available to organize the process to update and monitor current content of the site on a routine basis. A new aspect of the website is a members-only area that members can access using their email of record and an assigned password.
Facebook and Social Media -- A new Facebook site has been designed under the ownership of NSDKC, although very little has been done yet to build a social networking presence for Facebook.
Newsletter -- The membership newsletter is now being published as an email. It is printed and mailed to those members that do not have an email address.  In years past the newsletter was edited and designed by a paid employee. This year it is being done by me as 1st Vice President and Chair of the Communications Committee, soliciting articles and doing the primary editing.  Norman Besheer is assisting with proofreading.
Notices and Updates -- Notices of tours, meetings and other member activities are primarily sent to members by email using Icontact's email program instead of postal mail as in years past.  President Chuck Eddy had the computer experience to tackle this project and has taken on the added responsibilities of designing and distributing email blasts through Icontact. 
Membership Database -- The membership database has been managed in Microsoft Access for a number of years.  The database has now been rebuilt in a web-based program that authorized users can access from any computer.
Public Relations -- In 2011 and 2012 the OKC Committee retained a public relations company to assist with press releases, design of Save the Date cards, invitations and the OKC program.  Pat Paton, a NSDKC member, volunteered his service to handle outreach to local media. Press releases to NSDKC members, the design of the Save the Date cards, invitations and the event program were provided by other volunteers from the membership.

Many of the changes this year came about by volunteers from the membership.  If you have writing, editing or graphic layout skills, please contact the communications chair to volunteer for future projects.

Ross Marshall, chair, Communications Corporate Standing Committee

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