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Committee Reports

Thursday, November 07 2013

The doors to the Armour Chapel have been restored and are back in place.  Harsh Kansas City weather is not the best for beautiful millwork of this type, but the doors have been preserved and protected for many years to come. 

Fundraising continues for replacement of the roof on the Chapel – proposed cost over $40,000.   Small grants have been applied for and received, but there is still money to be raised. 

The back gate (12th Street) entrance is in the process of being replaced.  Ray Elder designed the new gate and will be doing the work.  This is a very old chain link type gate and will be replaced with an iron gate with a design more in keeping with the history of the cemetery. 

Work days at the cemetery continue on the fourth Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to noon.  Limbs, brush, and trash are gathered and the Cemetery Society is very appreciative of this help.  Some members of the NSDKC have helped and are welcome in the future. 

As you have read in the media, the cemetery lost Ella, the deer that was born in the cemetery in 2011 and tragically shot to death August 4. A memorial service was held on Saturday, September 14. 

Just a reminder, the cemetery is dependent entirely on donations for upkeep and maintenance.  

Ray and Nancy Elder, co-chairs, Elmwood Cemetery Community Service Committee

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