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Scout Program

The Next Generation of Kansas City's Leaders

The Native Sons and Daughters began the Scout program in 2001 with the purposes of promoting the advocacy of history to the next generation of Kansas City leaders and to help increase membership for the Native Sons and Daughters organization. Scouts were chosen with the help of Ingram's Magazine and their "40 under 40" winners, but as the number of Scouts grew, they were chosen by a combination of former Scout recipients and NSDKC Executive Board Members.

They were charged with continuing to advocate for the history of Kansas City with their leadership. 

Due to various circumstances, the program has not continued since 2004. The Native Sons and Daughters is evaluating the policies originally formulated to initiate the Scout program, and will determine whether to continue this program.

Past Years' Scouts

Class of 2004
Bess Kessinger
Joyce Hayhow
Julie McCann
Grant Burcham
Steve Bernstein
Jim Stowers
Class of 2002
Michelle Campbell
Lisa Adkins
Karen Daniels
Dalton Hermes
Brad Scott
Phil Hanson

Class of 2003
Rosana Privitera Biondo
Laura McKnight
Rita Cortes
Mark Thompson
Danny O'Neill
Kevin Pistilli
Class of 2001
Lois Boyle
Barbara Frankland
Lori Hirons
Bob Dunn
Todd Graves
Kelvin Simmons